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TNPSC GROUP – 2A Practice Set 1

TNPSC GROUP – 2A Study Materials:

1. Select the odd sentence pattern from the following:

A. He ate the cake

B. This shoe is large

C. She sang a song

D. I wrote a letter

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(A) opposite and decussate

2. Calotropis is an example of the following phyllotaxy:

A. opposite and decussate

B. spiral

C. whorled

D. alternate

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(b) This shoe is large

3. Which of the following diseases is likely to spread in the entire community if a leakly septic tank contaminates the water supply?

A. cholera

B. cancer

C. Tuberculosis

D. Leprosy

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(A) cholera

4. Which one of the following animals is cold-blooded?

A. Pigeon

B. Dog

C. Fish

D. Man

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(C) fish

5. Which type of cancer is the most common?

A. Carcinoma

B. Sarcoma

C. Lymphoma

D. Leukaemia

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(A) Carcinoma

6. Draw in wrote the book

A. Philosophic Zoologique

B. Systema Naturae

C. Origin of Species

D. Natural Selection in Evolution

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(C) Origin of Species

7. An artificial gene was created in a test tube in 1970 by

A. Khurana

B. Watson

C. Wilhelm

D. Cick

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(A) Khurana

8. Where would the bacterium E.Coil be readily found?

A. Soil

B. Ponds

C. Human intestine

D. Refuse dumps

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(C) Human intenstine

9. Which of the following organs in man keeps food in reserve?

A. Spleen

B. Blood

C. Muscle

D. Nails

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(C) Muscle

10. Which of the following vitamins is produced in the sun rays?

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin C

C. Vitamin B

D. Vitamin D

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(D) Vitamin D

11. Which one of the following distribution is continuous?

A. Binomial

B. Poisson

C. Normal

D. None of these

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(C) Normal

12. “Saraswati Pandaram” was a

A. kitchen

B. library

C. treasury

D. shrine

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(B) library

13. The Indus people had no knowledge about

A. bull

B. fish

C. elephant

D. horse

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(D) horse

14. Which among the following is the oldest dynasty?

A. Kanva

B. Maurya

C. Kushan

D. Sunga

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Answer : (c) Maurya

15. The second captial of Chandragupta II is

A. Kanauj

B. Magadha

C. Ujjain

D. Saketa

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(B) Malkhed






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