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TNPSC GROUP – 2A General Knowledge Practice Set – 14

1. Name the Indian who has been invited to become a member of the society of middle temple of England?

(a) T.N. Seshan

(b) A.S. Ahmadi

(c) Ranganath Mishra

(d) K.M. Menon

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Answer : (d) K.M. Menon

2. The year 1998 has been declared by Union Nations as

(a) International Year of Oceans

(b) International Year of Peace

(c) International Year of Women

(d) International Year of Employment

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Answer : (a) International Year of Oceans 

3. Which is the largest producer of tea in India?

(a) Kerala

(b) West Bengal

(c) Assam

(d) Tamil Nadu

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Answer : (c) Assam 

4. Epilepsy is

(a) a brain disorder

(b) a game

(c) a part of mathematics

(d) an animal

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Answer : (a) a brain disorder 

5. The headquarters of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited are at

(a) Nasik

(b) Koraput

(c) Bangalore

(d) Mumbai

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Answer : (c) Bangalore 

6. The largest operator of MIG-21 outside the former Soviet Bloc and China is

(a) India

(b) Iran

(c) Iraq

(d) Japan

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Answer : (b) Iran 

7. According to the Government of India’s National Plan of action, the disease to be eradicated by 2000 A.D.is

(a) T.B.

(b) AIDS

(c) Polio

(d) Leprosy

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Answer : (c) Polio

8. What is the period of tenure of the President of a Panchayat?

(a) 3 years

(b) 4 years

(c) 5 years

(d) 7 years

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Answer : (c) 5 years

9. Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome is caused by

(a) Virus

(b) Bacteria

(c) Protozoa

(d) Fungus

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Answer : (a) Virus

10. President’s rule in a State is imposed under which of the following Articles of the Constitution?

(a) 352

(b) 358

(c) 356

(d) 370

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Answer : (c) 356

11. The Political Guru of Gandhiji was

(a) Tilak

(b) Dadabhai Nauroji

(c) Lala Lajpat Rai

(d) Gopal Krishna Gokhale

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Answer : (d) Gopal Krishna Gokhale

12. Who won the “Booker Prize” in 1997?

(a) Salman Rushdie

(b) Arundhati Roy

(c) Kuldip Nayar

(d) None of them

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Answer : (b) Arundhati Roy

13. Teachers Day is celebrated every year on

(a) 11th October

(b) 5th September

(c) 14th November

(d) 3rd January

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Answer : (b) 5th September

14. Which of the following sports / game is associated with Sandhya Agarwal?

(a) Tennis

(b) Cricket

(c) Swimming

(d) Hockey

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Answer : (b) Cricket

15. Where is the World’s highest airport located?

(a) Nanjing (China)

(b) Bangda (Tibet)

(c) Chusul (Ladakh)

(d) Leh (Ladakh)

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Answer : (d) Leh (Ladakh)

16. Which of the following is not correctly matched?

(a) Aligarh Movement – Jinnah

(b) Home Rule Movement – Tilak

(c) Salt Satyagraha – Gandhiji

(d) Partiion of Bengal – Curzon

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Answer : (a) Aligarh Movement – Jinnah

17. The religious order established by Mother Teresa is called

(a) Sisters of Charity

(b) Mothers of Charity

(c) Missionaries of Charity

(d) Messengers of love

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Answer : (c) Missionaries of Charity

18. Which Article of the Constitution gives a special status to Jammu and Kashmir?

(a) 368

(b) 370

(c) 365

(d) 380

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Answer : (b) 370

19. The longest wall in the world is in ?

(a) India

(b) China

(c) England

(d) Japan

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Answer : (b) China

20. The name “Pakistan” was coined by

(a) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

(b) Mohammed Ali Jinnah

(c) Mohammed Iqbal

(d) Abdul Kalam Azad

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Answer : (c) Mohammed Iqbal

21. In which year did the Muslim League first give the call for a separate state?

(a) 1939

(b) 1941

(c) 1940

(d) 1942

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Answer : (c) 1940

22. The President of Indian Olympic Association (IOA) is

(a) Suresh Kalmadi

(b) Madhav Rao Scindia

(c) Dhanushkodi Athithan

(d) Sivanthi Aditahn

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Answer : (a) Suresh Kalmadi

23. Which place receives maximum solar energy in December?

(a) Kolkata

(b) Delhi

(c) Amristar

(d) Chennai

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Answer : (d) Chennai

24. Helium gas is filled in balloons because,

(a) its atomic number is 2

(b) it is lighter than air

(c) it is one of the contituents of water

(d) it is a noble gas

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Answer : (b) it is lighter than air

25. The author of “Friends Not Masters” is

(a) Karl Marx

(b) Ayub Khan

(c) B.M. Kaul

(d) Kuldip Nayyar

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Answer : (c) B.M. Kaul






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