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TNPSC GROUP 2A English Practice Set Questions and Answers Set – 8



Select the correct meanings :

1. Recurrent

(a) often

(b) always

(c) repeated

(d) emerging

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Answer : (c) repeated

2. Baffled

(a) puzzled

(b) studied

(c) progressed

(d) advanced

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Answer : (a) puzzled

3. Supplement

(a) rise

(b) increase

(c) induce

(d) improve

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Answer : (d) improve

Give the opposites :

4. Slender

(a) hard

(b) strong

(c) thin

(d) tough

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Answer : (b) strong

5. conservation

(a) protection

(b) destruction

(c) preparation

(d) presiemption

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Answer : (b) destruction

Read the following passage.

Mr. Bumble had been sent to make various preliminary inquiries, with the view of finding out some captain or other who wanted a cabinboy with out any friends. He was returning to the workhouse to communicate the result of his mission when he met at the gate no less a person than Mr.Soweberry, the parochial undertaker.

Mr. Sowerberry was a tall, thin man, dressed in a very old black suit with darned cotton stockings of the same colour. He was a man of fierce and ugly temper. He advanced to Mr.Bumble and shook him cordially by the hand.

“By the by” said Mr.Bumble, “You don’t know anybody who wants a boy, do you? A parochial apprentice, who is at present a dead weight, a milestone, as I may say, round the parochial throat? Liberal terms, Mr.Sowweberyy, liberal terms”.

“Well” said the undertaker, “I will take the boy myself”.

Mr.Bumble grasped the undertaker by the arm, and led him into the building. Mr.Sowerberry was closeted with the board for five minutes and it was arranged that Oliver should go to him as a parochial apprentice. Oliver was taken before the board that evening and informed that he was to go, that night, as general house lad to a conffinmaker’s. They ordered Mr.Bumble to remove him immediately to Mr.Sowerberry’s

6. The man sent to a mission was______

(a) Mr.Sowerberry

(b) Oliver

(c) A cabin-boy

(d) Mr.Bumble

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Answer : (d) Mr.Bumble

7. The mission was_______

(a) to meet the board

(b) to find a master for Oliver

(c) to ask or alms

(d) to meet Sowerberry

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Answer : (d) to meet Sowerberry

8. Mr.Sowerberry was

(a) a coffin-maker

(b) a beadle

(c) a cabin-boy

(d) Mr.Bumble’s friend

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Answer : (a) a coffin-maker

9. Mr.Sowerberry was___________by nature

(a) kind and gentle

(b) calm and composed

(c) simple and unassuming

(d) fierce and ugly

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Answer : (d) fierce and ugly

10. The board decided to send Oliver as a________

(a) parish apprentice to Mr.Soweberry

(b) cabin-boy without a friend

(c) servant to Mr.Bumble

(d) rival to Noah claypole

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Answer : (a) parish apprentice to Mr.Soweberry

Fill in the blanks with suitable tags..

11. She will resign her job______?

(a) will she?

(b) will she not?

(c) won’t she?

(d) won’t she not

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Answer : (c) won’t she?

12. I am your friend_______?

(a) are I

(b) aren’t I

(c) hasn’t I

(d) has I

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Answer : (b) aren’t I

Identify the sentence pattern.

13. I met him at school

(a) SVOA

(b) SVA

(c) SVC

(d) SVIO

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Answer : (a) SVOA

14. Rama gave Hanuman a ring

(a) SVC


(c) SVIO


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Answer : (b) SVIODO

15. The judge declared him innocent

(a) SVO

(b) SVOC

(c) SVIO

(d) SVC

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Answer : (b) SVOC

16. We met him in his house


(b) SVA

(c) SVC

(d) SVOA

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Answer : (d) SVOA

17. Find the odd one out

(a) Motivate

(b) Encourage

(c) Incentive

(d) Sarcasm

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Answer : (d) Sarcasm

18.  Find the odd one out

(a) ignorant

(b) knowledge

(c) sapience

(d) wisdom

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Answer : (a) ignorant








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