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TNPSC GROUP 2A English Practice Set Questions and Answers Set – 11


1. Find the odd word:

(a) keep

(b) reserve

(c) confine

(d) discard

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Answer :  (d) discard

2. Find out the odd word:

(a) latent

(b) conspicuous

(c) dormant

(d) hidden

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Answer :  (b) conspicuous

3. Find out the odd word:

(a) kindle

(b) inflame

(c) awaken

(d) put off

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Answer :  (d) put off

Choose the correct “synonym” for the underlined words:

4. The planets only  shine

(a) glitter

(b) show

(c) twinkle

(d) emit

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Answer :  (c) twinkle

5. The position is identical to those taught in karate

(a) same

(b) parallel

(c) resemblance

(d) different

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Answer : (a) same

6. Red squirrels disappear inside trees

(a) show

(b) exporate

(c) vanish

(d) apparent

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Answer : (c) vanish

7. We shall save our planet or we shall perish in its flames

(a) ruin

(b) save

(c) protect

(d) decay

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Answer : (d) decay

Choose the correct “antonym” for the underlined words:

8. Peter’s rescuer shouted to them for help

(a) Producer

(b) reducer

(c) destroyer

(d) protector

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Answer : (c) destroyer

9. That was a strange force

(a) known

(b) found

(c) great

(d) familiar

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Answer : (d) familiar

10. The object is to prevent him from fallig

(a) accept

(b) allow

(c) induce

(d) fine

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Answer : (b) allow

11. The occasional bully usually lacks the discipline to continue

(a) always

(b) frequent

(c) often

(d) never

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Answer : (b) frequent

12. Let us invoke the blessings of peace

(a) praise

(b) curse

(c) calm

(d) appreciation

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Answer : (b) curse

Identify the patterns of the following sentences:

13. He gave her a book

(a) S.V.O.C

(b) S.V.I.O.D.O

(c) S.V

(d) A.S.V

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Answer : (d) A.S.V

14. They play hockey very well

(a) S.V.O.C

(b) S.V.A

(c) S.V.C

(d) S.V.I.O.D.O

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Answer : (a) S.V.O.C

Question tag:

15. It is all a mistake_________?

(a) isn’t it

(b) is it

(c) isn’t it not

(d) is it not

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Answer : (a) isn’t it

16. I can’t stay here all night______?

(a) can’t I

(b) can I

(c) can I not

(d) can’t I not

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Answer : (b) can I

17. I won’t study today________?

(a) won’t I

(b) will I

(c) won’t I not

(d) will I not

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Answer : (b) will I

18. It was raining last night________?

(a) was it not

(b) was it

(c) wasn’t it not

(d) wasn’t it

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Answer : (d) wasn’t it

19. She has learnt tailoring______?

(a) has she

(b) has not she

(c) hasn’t not she

(d) hasn’t she

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Answer : (d) hasn’t she

Identify the following sentence:

20. I worked hard and yet I could not get a state rank.

(a) compound sentence

(b) complex sentence

(c) simple sentence

(d) passive voice

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Answer : (a) compound sentence

21. The teacher advised me to listen to him properly

(a) indirect speech

(b) direct speech

(c) passive voice

(d) active voice

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Answer : (a) indirect speech

22. I said to my sister, “Are you waiting for me?”:

(a) indirect speech

(b) direct speech

(c) complex sentence

(d) compound sentence

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Answer : (b) direct speech

23. Gokul is painiting this picture.

(a) passive voice

(b) complex sentence

(c) active voice

(d) compound sentence

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Answer : (c) active voice

Which is the infinitive form of the underlined words.

24. Reading is a good habit

(a) To read

(b) To reading above

(c) Reading

(d) None of the above

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Answer : (a) To read

25. Helping the poor is a noble deed

(a) To helping

(b) To help above

(c) Helping

(d) None of the above

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Answer : (b) To help above










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