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Marketing Aptitude Set – 7

1. The goods which are purchased by customers only after comparing their quality price and other things are called _______

(1) Convenience Goods

(2) Shopping Goods

(3) Specially Goods

(4) Normal Goods

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Answer : (2) Shopping Goods

2. These type of goods are having some unique characteristics

(1) Speciality Goods

(2) Clothes

(3) Normal Goods

(4) Shopping Goods

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Answer : (1) Speciality Goods

3. If Erin Farm Insurance saw a sudden increase in the number of farmers seeking flood insurance in Ireland due to major floods in Britain, the floods would be presenting the company with a marketing

(1) opportunity

(2) Strategy

(3) Concept

(4) Mix

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Answer : (1) Opportunity

4. A change in the minimum drinking age in India presents a change in which of the following for Bass Brewery?

(1) Marketing mix

(2) Marketing environment

(3) Marketing concept

(4) Marketing task

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Answer : (2) Marketing environment

5. If MK Invest was to perceive that consumers within a particular group were becoming more conservative in their investing and thus developed more products with lower risk, it would be:

(1) responding to the marketing environment

(2) changing its target market

(3) developing sales orientation

(4) changing its organisation structure

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Answer : (1) responding to the marketing environment

6. Capri is a brand of cigarette that contains low tar and slim in design to appeal to women. In this instance, women comprise Capri’s

(1) marketing mix

(2) target market

(3) target audience

(4) marketing strategy

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Answer : (2) Promotion

7. Why are marketers interested in the level of disposable income?

(1) it accurately represents future buying power

(2) it increases current buying power

(3) it is what is left after taxes to buy luxuries with

(4) it is a ready source of buying power

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Answer : (4) it is a ready source of buying power

8. Which of the following companies would probably be most interested in tracking discretionary income levels?

(1) Asda Supermarkets

(2) BMW automobiles

(3) The Post Office

(4) Kraft General Foods

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Answer : (2) BMW automobiles

9. What type of competitive structure exists when a firm produces a product that has no close substitutes?

(1) Monopoly

(2) Oligopoly

(3) Monopolistic Competition

(4) Perfect Competition

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Answer : (1) Monopoly

10. In the beer industry, a few large brewers supply the majority of the market. The brewing industry is an example of which of the following  competitive structures?

(1) Monopoly

(2) Oligopoly

(3) Monopolistic Competition

(4) Perfect Competition

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Answer : (2) Oligopoly

11. Which of the following firms would most likely have a monopoly for its competitive environment?

(1) Sunset Cablevision

(2) Montgomery Transport

(3) Post Office Parcel Services

(4) Telecorn Car Phones

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Answer : (1) Sunset Cablevision

12. Essex Office Products has decided to use a particular competitive tool that it feels will have a major impact. Its consultant, Dr. Bell contends that this particular approach is the one most easily copied by the firm’s competitors. The tool in question is

(1) price

(2) market segmentation

(3) distribution

(4) promotion

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Answer : (1) price

13. A small hardware store whose only competitor is a huge discount store would be least likely to use which competitive tool?

(1) services

(2) price

(3) product offering

(4) distribution

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Answer : (2) price

14. Technology assessment is :

(1)assessing how much technology has been incorporated into an organisation

(2) trying to foresee the effects of new products and processes on a firm’s operation and on society in general

(3) assessing how much technology one wants to put into a company in the future

(4) assessing the cost of new technology to determine whether a firm can afford to use it

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Answer : (2) trying to foresee the effects of new products and processes on a firm’s operation and on society in general

15. When Bell Laboratories attempts to anticipate the effect of new products and processes on its own innovations, other business organisations, and society in general, it is engaging in:

(1) product differentiation

(2) monopolistic competition

(3) technology assessment

(4) innovative marketing

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Answer : (3) technology assessment







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