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Marketing Aptitude Set – 5

1. Marketing is a process because

(1) It comprises a series of Functions

(2) It comprises a series of Mishandling

(3) It comprises a series of Mischiefs

(4) It comprises a series of Products

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Answer : (3) It comprise a series of Frauds

2. To whom producer is giving more attention rather than production now a days?

(1) Government

(2) Females

(3) Consumers

(4) Male members of society

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Answer : (1) Government

3. Who said – “Marketing is the business”?

(1) Peter F. Drucker

(2) Philip Kotler

(3) Marshal

(4) Clark

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Answer : (4) Clark

4. Decrease in distribution cost directly effects the

(1) Price of Product

(2) Quality of Product

(3) Quantity of Product

(4) All of the above

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Answer : (1) Price of Product

5. There are successful operation of marketing activities in employment opportunities because

(1) Expansion needs more manpower

(2) Expansion needs more Machine

(3) Expansion needs more Product

(4) Expansion needs more Space

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Answer : (1) Expansion needs more manpower

6. Successful operation of marketing activities is to increase the sales, thus it helps in increasing

(1) National Income

(2) Sale Price

(3) Purchase Price

(4) Cost of Product

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Answer : (1) National Income

7. Marketing research reduces overall cost and helps in increasing

(1) Profits

(2) Other costs

(3) Nominal cost

(4) Revenue

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Answer : (1) Profits

8. Which is the most important activity in any business concern?

(1) Employee

(2) Purchase

(3) Government

(4) Marketing

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Answer : (4) Marketing

9. Name the inversely accepted business activity which is required for all the successful business?

(1) Production

(2) Marketing

(3) Purchase

(4) Schedule

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Answer : (2) Marketing

10. The firm should decide what can be sold before deciding

(1) Marketing

(2) Production

(3) What can be produced

(4) Channel of Distribution

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Answer : (3) What can be produced

11. Who said “Product is a cluster of Psychological satisfactions”?

(1) George Fisk

(2) Prof. Divya Parashar

(3) Dr. Manmohan Singh

(4) Rustom S. Davar

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Answer : (1) George Fisk

12. The three levels of Product are

(1) Raw, Semi finished & finished

(2) Core Product, Actual Product and Augmented Product

(3) Price, Place, Promotion

(4) Design, Brand Name and Packaging

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Answer : (2) Core Product, Actual Product and Augmented Product

13. Product Planners must think of products and services on three levels.

(1) True

(2) True when choices are limited

(3) True in case of Multilevel product

(4) False

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Answer : (1) True

14. The following represents perhaps the most distinctives skill of professional marketers as they create, maintain protect and enhance consumer perception of a product or service. What is it?

(1) Trade mark

(2) Design of a striking symbol

(3) Personal sales

(4) Branding

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Answer : (4) Branding

15. A brand serves to identify the maker or seller of a product and may consist of

(1) A name, term, sign, symbol design

(2) A Board

(3) A Catchy slogan

(4) A Powerful name

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Answer : (1) A name, term, sign, symbol design


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