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Marketing Aptitude Set-1

1. Who said “If the buyer in a transaction is buying for purpose of re sale or  to further his business operations, the seller in that same transaction is engaged in whole saling”?

(1) Davidson

(2) Cundiff and Still

(3) Dr. Diya Parashar

(4) William J. Stanton

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Answer : (3) Cundiff and Still

2. These type of goods are always purchased by wholesalers

(1) Inferior

(2) Superior

(3) Huge Quantity

(4) Less Quantity

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Answer : (3) Huge Quantity

3. Basically merchant wholesalers who do not provide full services and often provide full services and often provide full services and often provide only the minimum services is known as

(1) General Merchanise wholesaler

(2) General live wholesaler

(3) Speciality wholesaler

(4) Limited Function wholesaler

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Answer : (4) Limited Function wholesaler

4. Wholesalers make proper balance in between

(1) Costs and Profit

(2) Profit and loss

(3) Demand and supply

(4) Buyer and seller

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Answer : (3) Demand and supply

5. Which is not an example of Large Scale Trading?

(1) Speciality Shop

(2) Departmental store

(3) Super Bazar

(4) Mail order and Business Houses

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Answer : (1) Speciality Shop

6. Bata showroom’ is an example of

(1) Departmental stores

(2) Multiple shops

(3) Co – operative societies

(4) None of these

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Answer : (2) Multiple shops

7. A Restaurant may be part of

(1) Departmental store

(2) Super Bazar

(3) Multiple shops

(4) 1 & 2

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Answer : (1) Departmental store

8. The name of distribution chanel which is run by producers directly is known as

(1) Departmental store

(2) Multiple shops

(3) Hire purchase shops

(4) MOB

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Answer : (1) Departmental store

9. Which business organisation requires more and effective advertisement support among the following?

(1) Departmental store

(2) Super Bazar

(3) Multiple Store

(4) MOB

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Answer : (2) Supper Bazar

10. Among the following which business organisation have the widest scope?

(1) Departmental store

(2) Super Bazar

(3) Chain shops

(4) Mail order business Houses

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Answer : (4) Mail order business Houses

11. Co- operative societies Act was passed in

(1) 1904

(2) 1912

(3) 1932

(4) 1948

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Answer : (2) 1912

12. Marketing is best defined as:

(1) matching a product with its market

(2) promoting and selling products

(3) facilitating satisfying exchange relationships

(4) distributing products at the right price to stores

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Answer : (1) matching a product with its market

13. The expansion of the definition of marketing to include non business activities adds which one of these examples to the field of marketing?

(1)Proctor and Gamble selling toothpaste

(2) St. Pauls Church attracting new members.

(3) PepsiCo selling soft drinks.

(4) Liver’s donating Rs. 5 to a charity with every pack purchased

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Answer : (2) St. Pauls Church attracting new members.

14. Tom goes to a vending machine deposits Rs. 20 and receives a Cola. Which one of the following aspects of the definition of marketing is focused on here?

(1) Production concept

(2) Satisfaction of organisational goals

(3) Product pricing and distribution

(4) Exchange

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Answer : (4) Exchange

15. The marketing environment is Best described as being:

(1) composed of controllable variables

(2) composed of variables independent of one another

(3) an indirect influence on marketing activity

(4) dynamic and changing

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Answer : (4) dynamic and changing






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