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IBPS PO General Awareness Set – 1

1. First stock exchange was established in______

(a) Delhi

(b) Chennai

(c) Mumbai

(d) Kolkata

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Answer : (c) Mumbai

2. Which of the following is NOT decided by the Finance Minister while presenting Union Budget every year?

(a) Rate of Income Tax

(b) Expenditure of Defence Services

(c) Relief packages to various sections

(d) Repo & Reverse Repo rates

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Answer : (d) Repo & Reverse Repo rates

3. GNP stands for:

(a) Group Net Product

(b) Gross National Product

(c) Grand Nuclear Process

(d) Group Networking Process

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Answer : (b) Gross National Product

4. Term ‘Balance of Payment’ for _______

(a) Diplomatic Relations

(b) Exports & Imports

(c) Annual production in a factory

(d) Deficit in Union Budget

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Answer : (b) Exports & Imports

5. Which rates/ratios is not covered under the RBI monetary and credit policy?

(a) Bank rate.

(b) Foreign Exchange rates

(c) Repo rate

(d) Reverse Repo rate

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Answer : (b) Foreign Exchange rates

6. The term ‘Power of Attorney’ refers to:

(a) Power entrusted to a specific person

(b) A  mandate to withdraw money from a bank account

(c) An instrument by which a person is empowered to act for another person

(d) Both (a) and (c)

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Answer : (d) Both (a) and (c)

7. Unique Identification Authority of India will create a data base for:

(a) Identify and biometrics details of Indian residents

(b) Identify and biometrics details of Indian citizens

(c) Identify and biometrics details of person’s residents in India or visiting India

(d) Identify and details of all individuals convicted by Indian Courts

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Answer : (b) Identify and biometrics details of Indian citizens

8. The RBI’s new guidelines for licensing of new banks in the private sector are based on the recommendation of which of the following committees?

1.Narsimham Committees?

2. Kelkar Committee

3.Raghuram Rajan Committee

4. C. Rangrajan Committee

(a) 1 & 3

(b) 2 & 4

(c) 3 & 4

(d) 1 & 4

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Answer : (a) 1 & 3

9. The difference between visible exports and visible imports is ________

(a) Balance of trade

(b) Balance of payment

(c) Balanced terms of trade

(d) Gains from trade

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Answer : (a) Balance of trade

10. ‘Indira Gandhi Canal’ is located in _______

(a) Punjab

(b) Haryana

(c) Madhya Pradesh

(d) Rajasthan

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Answer : (d) Rajasthan





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