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Reasoning: Alphabet Test Practice Set – 1

Arrange the given words in alphabetical order and choose the one that comes first:

1. (a) Wasp (b) Waste (c) War (d) Wrinkle (e) Wrist

Answer : (c) War, Wasp, Waste, Wrinkle, Wrist

2. (a) Science (b) Scrutiny (c) Scripture (d) Scramble (e) Script

Answer : (a) : Science, Scramble, Script, Scripture, Scrutiny

3. (a) Intense (b) Intellect (c) Intend (d) Intelligent (e) Integument

Answer : (e) Integument, Intellect, Intelligent, Intend, Intense

4. (a) Nature (b) Native (c) Narrate (d) Nascent (e) Naughty

Answer : (c) Narrate, Nascent, Native, Nature, Naughty

5. (a) Didactic (b) Dictum (c) Dictionary (d) Diastole (e) Dictate

Answer : (d) Diastole, Dictate, Dictionary, Dictum, Didactic

6. (a) Praise (b) Practical (c) Prank (d) Prayer (e) Practise

Answer : (b) Practical, Practise, Praise, Prank, Prayer

7. (a) Animate (b) Animosity (c) Anguish (d) Ankle (e) Announce

Answer: (c) Anguish, Animate, Animosity, Ankle, Announce

8. (a) Probe (b) Proclaim (c) Proceed (d) Problem (e) Probate

Answer : (e) Probate, Probe, Problem, Proceed, Proclaim

9. (a) Guarantee (b) Group (c) Grotesque (d) Guard (e) Groan

Answer : (e) Groan, Grotesque, Group, Guarantee,Guard

10. (a) Signature (b) Sight (c) Shrine (d) Shrill (e) Shrink

Answer : (d) Shrill, Shrine, Shrink, Sight, Signature

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